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How to Command Attention on Social Media

How to Command Attention on Social Media

(don’t be just another boring brand!)

It may seem overwhelming to put your brand out there on social media and compete for your audience’s attention with not only other brands but also their friends, their families, and cute pictures of cats! But never fear! If you are authentic, diligent, and a little strategic, you can stand out on social media and make an impact with your audience. Cultivating a loyal social media following does wonders for growing your business, so the investment of time and effort is definitely worth it!


1.Choose the Right Audience and Platforms

Social media counts billions of users worldwide, but not all of them want what you have to offer or care about the things you do–and that is totally ok! Maybe it sounds counterintuitive, but narrowing your audience is actually the best way to grow it! If you sell luxury watches for men, you don’t need to be targeting women, young people, or anyone on a budget. Your niche is men who love the finer things in life and have money to spend on them. Develop content that’s classy, cool, and speaks right to those customers. When you do, followers will start flocking, and they’ll be the kinds of followers who want to buy a fancy watch. This same concept goes for the platforms you choose to post on, because not every platform is made equal. Teenagers are all over Snapchat, parents love Facebook, and millenials are increasingly turning to Instagram. Where is your audience spending their time? Meet them there.


2.Be Authentic

When you’re a business account, people are especially turned off by content that’s overly polished or forced. They want to see your business like a friend. They want to connect with the humans behind your brand, and get your genuine thoughts and feelings. Social media is all about connection, so give them something genuine to connect with! Your own team and work experiences are a great source of material for this. Do team spotlights where you get quotes and insights from team members and feature them. Take snapshots of a day at the office, or go live and show some “behind the scenes” footage. Share industry news or even pop culture trends that your team is excited about, because that means your audience will be, too. Don’t be afraid to have fun, either. Buttoned-up is boring. Let down your walls, get a little vulnerable, speak from the heart, and your audience will love it.


3.Get More Efficient

Creating a pack of branded templates for your posts is a huge time-saver. Instead of starting posts from scratch every day, you can drag and drop new ideas into pre-designed templates. This strategy is especially useful when you have a marketing team working for you. You can ask a designer to make these templates, or make them yourself with tools like Canva, which is free. Think of weekly themes (Transformation Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, Wednesday Wisdom), create templates for them, and then develop a bunch of content ahead of time relating to them. You can also schedule everything ahead of time with a social media manager tool like Hootsuite. With a little strategizing and the right tools, social media can become an effortless part of your routine.


4.Post Regularly

Consistency really helps you build your audience, which is partly why efficient workflow is so important. If you just share a few posts here and there but skip lots of days, you will quickly be forgotten by people who initially showed interest. You need to pick one or two times every day when your audience is most active (you can look up statistics of social engagement by industry). Your followers will come to expect your content and you will stay top of mind. Be a timely voice in your industry’s conversation, and stay connected and fully committed to your niche (many of whom are checking social every five hours, according to research!).

Consistent posting builds your audience and is also reward by social media algorithms. The more people view your content and interact with it, the more the algorithm will show your content to those people. If you drop the ball, you will start disappearing from their feeds! Consistency even affects search engines results, too. If you’re active on social, start trending, and get social shares, this will actually affect how you rank on search engines as well. Finally, consistent posting helps your bottom line. The more you spread your content and build your brand awareness, the more chances you have of getting those conversions!


5.Engage Like Crazy!

People follow your account because they want to connect with your business on a more personal level and have interactions and conversations. Gone are the days when marketing was a one-way street in which you push out advertisements and other content and never get to see how many people saw them or if they noticed them at all. Today, you share content, and your audience responds back. You see the likes and have access to metrics that measure engagement.

Social media establishes a two-way relationship between you and your potential customers. You can engage in a mutual exchange of ideas and passions, and build a loyal and loving community. When you post, don’t speak at your audience, but speak with them. Ask questions in your posts! This is really important! When people comment, respond back to them. Figure out who your most engaged followers are and make sure to follow them back. Comment on their photos, send them private messages about special discounts and deals, develop an “ambassador” program where you encourage your most passionate advocates to continue spreading the word about you in exchange for rewards and prizes. Getting social on social media is the way to turn your followers into adoring fans and paying customers.