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Don’t Build a Sand Castle

Why SEO work won’t be your primary focus at the end? Today everybody is going crazy about the SEO. What are the numbers, what are the results, how am I positioning….
But, what are you really doing to reach that great SEO to attract your customers online?

The perfect combination for succes: BRAND STRATEGY + SEO

Brand strategy marketing is developed to identify the brand with colors, shapes and taglines. Everything is oriented to communicate the company mission, vision and values. Brand strategy gives the customer the recognition and comfort level to reach out to us any time they need. This builds a strong and recognizable base for your company.

Everything is branding. We are all branding when we post a picture in social media going to a fancy restaurant, our favorite concert, or watching our favorite basketball team. We are saying, “Hey! I like this! I am a fan!”. Even when people say that they only post family and friends, that’s branding too! You are showing your values that family and friends come first. And with branding you identify with others and build trust with time.

The SEO is a coding program that is used to follow search criteria and give the best results according to the customer’s search .

According to Google, ‘Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site better for search engines. Also the job title of a person who does this for a living: We just hired a new SEO to improve our presence on the web.’

This means, you have to have the SEO work for you and without needing constant monitoring and changes from you. With algorithms from Calamedia, you can be confident that your practice will pop up first in a customer search. Algorithms are constantly changing with the changing technology landscape, for example the emergence of “voice search”. We keep up with the changing technology so you don’t have to.

Working on the SEO is for short term strategies. If you have a business where you just want to keep your head above water, working for the algorithm will suffice. But if you believe in your business and you trust your idea, this is not enough. Even one of the most important SEO specialists in the US, Neil Patel, suggests to focus on branding, because ‘brandings never die’. It doesn’t matter what the algorithm is doing, customers will always be searching for companies and brands they can trust..

While you are working on your brand and building a solid brick property, little by little, your neighbor is quickly building a sand castle. So, who will finally stay strong in the market?

Don’t build a sand castle! Branding builds strength and customer confidence, brick by brick.