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Use Your Sales Funnel to Skyrocket Your Success

Use Your Sales Funnel to Skyrocket Your Success

Check out our quick video overview to learn about what sales funnels are and why they’re so important to your business, then dive into the details with us below.


What is a sales funnel?

Your sales funnel is the route your customers take from first becoming aware of your brand to making a purchase.


What are the stages of a sales funnel?

The first step is awareness. Awareness is when you first catch a consumer’s attention. It might be a tweet, a Facebook post shared by a friend, a Google search, or something else entirely.

The next step is interest. They like what they saw, and they’re interested in learning more about you. They’re comparing you to other brands, considering their options, investigating. This is when you want to swoop in with your best content, designed to help them and support them without selling to them too directly.

Next up: decision! The customer is ready to buy, and they’re making final choices about who they will buy from – hopefully you! This is a great time to create targeted ads that offer them a discount code or some other incentive.

Finally, the last step is “action”. When a customer takes action, they buy your product or service and become a part of your brand’s ecosystem. But the work doesn’t end here! You want to keep reaching out to them to encourage repeat purchase and a lifetime of loyalty.


How Can I Optimize my Sales Funnel?

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and walk through every step of the buying process. How might a person that matches the criteria for a potential customer find you? What will get them interested in you? What will make them choose you over their other options? Then, use a combination of sales and marketing tactics to help them along the way.


What’s an example of a successful sales funnel using marketing tactics?

A common sales funnel that uses marketing tactics would go something like this:

First, use social media channels and search engine advertising to drive leads to a landing page on your site.

On the landing page, use concise and compelling language that explains how your product or service will benefit them, focusing more on THEIR wants and needs, rather than on yourself. Then, include a form and ask them to provide some information (name and email, for example) in exchange for a lead magnet you create, or a piece of free content (preferably that helps them through the buying process).

Connect this form with the email software you use so that these new leads are automatically added to your email list. Send your leads a series of emails over a short time that helps them continue to get to know you and convinces them that they want to buy from you. You can set up an automatic email series that’s activated for every new person added to your list. A free, scalable email tool like Mailchimp can help you accomplish that.

The final email in the series could offer a discount code or some other incentive to urge them to take the plunge and make the purchase.

Did they buy? Hallelujah! Take a minute to celebrate! But your work isn’t over. Continue to send these people emails, keep posting on social, stay top of mind so your one-time customers will become repeat customers.

Well, there you have it! An example of a great sales funnel using top marketing tactics for ya. Don’t wait another second–start optimizing your funnel today!

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