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Why having fun on Social is Your Best Brand Strategy

Why having fun on Social is Your Best Brand Strategy

People go on social media because they want to be entertained. They want to laugh, gasp, or stare in amazement at what they see in their feed. When you show off your personality and have fun with your posts, your brand will shine! Shoot videos that you genuinely enjoy making, share content that you think is funny, discuss topics that you find fascinating, and your audience will feel that energy, too. Here are our top five tips for developing fun and engaging social content!


Social Media Takeovers

Have fun passing around a phone at the office and letting your staff do an “insta takeover” of your company instagram.

What do Laura and Steve do when there is only one donut left in the kitchen? How does Tom save the day when the projector loses power? Encourage your team to capture fun moments around the office, and you’ll have lots of great content to share.

Your team will have bond over making these videos, and your audience will love seeing behind the scenes at your company–It’s a win-win!

When you invite your audience into your weird and wonderful office world, you invite them to become a part of your team, too. This helps you be a brand that feels familiar, accessible, and loveable!


Join in on Viral Challenges

Capitalize on viral sensations by getting your office to do their own version of whatever new dance move or crazy song is getting shared like wildfire.

Back in the days of the harlem shake phenomenon, we saw some very impressive office interpretations.

The Mannequin Challenge had coworkers everywhere frozen in place while gleeful social media marketers filmed the tableau.

You could think outside the box a little, too. Ellen Degeners racks up millions of views for scaring celebrities–could you get a scare challenge going in your office?

Keep your eyes out for team-related viral challenges that your office can take part in.


Employee Interviews

You never know what your co workers might say when you throw a bunch of questions at them, and usually it’s pretty hilarious. Create a list of fun interview questions like “what’s your secret obsession?” “Do you have a hidden talent?” “Beyonce or Rihanna?” Then turn those interviews into posts. Make it a video or share the employee’s picture and answers. These posts will help personalize your brand. Your followers want to know the humans behind the company, and this is a fun and easy way to do that.


Contests and Giveaways

It’s always fun to see the amazing creativity and ingenuity of your followers! Come up with contests that encourage them to post with your hashtag. Feature your favorite ones, or turn all entries into a story, and think about giving away some prizes, too.

Contests result in lots of user-generated content, which is an ideal kind of content because, just as the name suggests, the users make it for you! You can’t get any more genuine, authentic, and, well, easy, then that! Contests are really effective in boosting engagement, too. A large marketing report found that Instagram accounts that run contests on a regular basis grow about 70% faster than the accounts that don’t!


“Tag a friend” Posts

Think about content that your audience will relate to so much, they want to share it with a friend they know feels the same way. A sarcastic meme about Mondays? A mind-blowingly beautiful travel photo? An uplifting inspirational quote? What will your audience love? Create that content, and then encourage them to TAG A FRIEND. If your audience relates, their friends will too, and things will snowball from there! Who needs to pay to boost a post when you can get your audience to share it for you? Organic shares on shares on shares, that’s what you want. Just make sure your post provides relatable, spot-on stuff. Create content that your audience can’t wait to share with their crew.